Supporting Their Hometown Health Care System

Supporting Their Hometown Health Care System

“We feel Guthrie makes good use of the money we and other donors contribute. They help not only us, but all our friends and neighbors, too. It’s important to ensure your money goes toward things you value and support, and, with Guthrie, we can see that money at work.” – Howard and Olynda Smith

Retired financial advisor Howard Smith and his wife, Olynda, have always been smart about managing their money. And they never hesitated when deciding to contribute to one organization close to their home and hearts – Guthrie Troy Community Hospital.

Howard and Olynda are enthusiastic supporters of Guthrie Troy Community Hospital because it’s “our hospital,” they say. That’s where their longtime doctors practice, and they’ve valued the care and services they’ve received at the hospital over the years.

“Our doctors are like family to us, and they treat us like family,” says Olynda.

With lifelong ties to and enduring fondness for the communities Guthrie Troy Community Hospital and Guthrie serve, Howard and Olynda believe their support aids the health care system in its mission to help each person in these communities attain optimal, lifelong health and well-being.

“They care about everyone in this community, and our community is very important to us,” adds Howard. “That’s why we’ve never wanted to live anywhere else.”

Howard grew up in West Burlington Township, so he and his family always relied on Guthrie for their health care needs. Olynda previously lived in Le Raysville and says hers was a Guthrie family as well. The couple has lived in Troy since they were married 59 years ago, and Guthrie Troy Community Hospital has been their hometown health resource for decades. In addition to the doctors and nurses they already consider family, their son-in-law is a Guthrie anesthesiologist.

Focused on Continuing Community-Focused Care

The Smiths support the Sayre House of Hope, a temporary residence for Guthrie patients and families. They’re also regular attendees at the Guthrie Gala fundraiser. “We still dance up a storm!” says Olynda.

And recently, the couple contributed toward Guthrie’s Forward Together campaign through an IRA rollover.

“I was a teacher for 35 years, and my husband always had me putting money away in an IRA,” explains Olynda. “We decided to direct that money toward a cause we care about. And when you contribute charitably, you don’t pay tax like you would with a normal withdrawal.”

Major donors since 1991, the Smiths also believe it’s essential for people from the community to have a voice in the community health care decisions that affect them. Howard has served as a Trustee since 1990.

“We believe in supporting the doctors and hospitals that have played important roles in our lives and community,” says Howard. “And, we feel community members should be part of Guthrie’s board, so decisions are made in the best interest of those who live here.”