Supporting Guthrie Is a Family Affair

Supporting Guthrie Is a Family Affair

Burdett Porter, MD, and his wife, Cynthia Porter, have many reasons for supporting Guthrie.

Dr. Porter is an anesthesiologist who has worked at Guthrie for more than 20 years. As a health care provider, he sees firsthand how the community benefits from Guthrie’s high-quality care. Dr. Porter believes deeply in, and is proud to support, Guthrie’s mission statement, which says “Guthrie works with the communities we serve to help each person attain optimal, lifelong health and well-being. We will do so by providing integrated, clinically advanced services that prevent, diagnose, and treat disease, within an environment of compassion, learning, and discovery.”

Cynthia grew up in Bradford County. She received care at Guthrie as a child, and her parents, Howard and Olynda Smith, are longtime Guthrie donors.

“I grew up understanding that giving back to the community is an important part of what we do. Giving to Guthrie supports and improves the community,” Cynthia says.

More than two decades ago, after being away for a few years, her husband’s new job at Guthrie brought her back to Bradford County. She once again became a Guthrie patient, as did Dr. Porter and the couple’s kids. The family is pleased with the quality of the care they’ve received over the years and the warmth with which that care is provided.

The couple supports Guthrie in numerous ways, including through financial donations. Initiatives they have donated to include Guthrie’s Forward Together campaign, which has raised funds for projects such as an expanded Emergency Department and a new Heart and Vascular Center at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital. They also supported construction of the new Guthrie Troy Community Hospital, a cause championed by Cynthia’s parents and one that, as a Bradford County native, was important to Cynthia.

“Burdett and I enjoy having the opportunity to support my hometown,” Cynthia says.

The couple’s contributions go beyond financial support and include volunteering, too. Cynthia has been on the planning committee for the annual Guthrie Gala for nearly 20 years. In that time, she’s seen the event grow immensely. The gala raises funds for the Sayre House of Hope, a non-profit residential facility that provides a temporary home away from home for patients and their families traveling to get treatment in Sayre. The 2019 Guthrie Gala raised more than $120,000 for the facility.

“The Guthrie Gala garners a huge amount of support for the Sayre House of Hope. This is wonderful,” Cynthia says. “The Gala also serves as a great venue for people to enjoy one another’s company and celebrate.”

Helping Guthrie Grow

The couple has seen, and been proud to support, a lot of changes at Guthrie over the last two decades. In particular, they point to Guthrie’s acquisition of local hospitals, which has allowed the health system to spread its multidisciplinary, patient-centric approach throughout the region.

They encourage others who are excited about that growth to help ensure it continues by donating to Guthrie.

“I go back to the mission statement,” Dr. Porter says. “When you support Guthrie, you support that mission. When you make donations, you’re helping to support the building of facilities and the training of health care providers and the promotion of wellness in the community.”