Reduce Your Tax Burden

Reduce Your Tax Burden

Do you own an IRA or other qualified retirement plan? Are you looking for a tax-wise strategy to make gifts to support Guthrie’s mission? If so, consider making an IRA charitable rollover gift.

IRA Charitable Rollover Gift

70½ or older | Direct up to $100,000

Satisfies your annual required
minimum distribution, or RMD,
up to the amount of your gift

Allows you to give from pre-tax
assets and your distribution is
excluded from taxable income

Helps avoid limits on charitable
deductions and prevents you from
being pushed into a higher tax bracket

Simplifies the giving process.
It’s easy to do— just notify your
IRA custodian

Minimizes the effect your giving
has on your cash flow. The gift is
from your assets, not your checkbook

What Are the Tax Benefits of an IRA Rollover Gift?

An IRA rollover has several significant tax advantages. It allows you to give from pre-tax assets. If you do not itemize or are subject to charitable deduction limits, the IRA rollover still allows you to give while receiving tax benefits. An IRA rollover gift could also help you avoid income that could push you into a higher tax bracket.

If you are 70½ or older, you can use your individual retirement account (IRA) to support Guthrie. To learn more, please contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to answer further questions and work with you.

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