Planning for Success in the Southern Tier

Planning for Success in the Southern Tier

“The new hospital is the most important thing to have happened to the Corning community, from a health care standpoint, in many, many years.” – Jack Benjamin

The impact Guthrie Corning Hospital has had on New York’s Southern Tier cannot be overstated, as far as Jack Benjamin is concerned.

“Wherever Guthrie has a major presence, it is not only committed to improving the health care of that region. It’s also committed to making those communities better in general, not just in the short-term, but for the long haul,” he says. Jack has been on the Guthrie Board of Trustees for more than 30 years and is president of the Corning Hospital Board of Trustees. He and his wife, Susie, are also longtime Guthrie donors.

Jack’s background is in planning and economics – he worked at Three Rivers Development Corporation, eventually becoming its president before retiring in 2015. He was recruited to the Guthrie Board of Trustees to help the health system plan for long-term success – something that it has achieved in many respects, including through its investment in the Southern Tier.

“Guthrie is very good at planning and executing projects,” Jack says, “and the Corning area has benefitted from that.”

Guthrie in the Southern Tier

The original Corning Hospital opened in 1900 and was officially acquired by Guthrie in 2004, becoming Guthrie Corning Hospital. To better serve the local community, a new facility featuring 65 private patient rooms and a regional cancer center was built, and in 2014, it opened its doors to the public. The 225,000-square-foot hospital features state-of-the-art technology and medical equipment. It also offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, including intensive care, laboratory services, medical imaging, cancer care, surgical services, and labor and delivery care.

Other Guthrie facilities in the area include Guthrie HealthWorks Wellness & Fitness Center, in Painted Post, and Guthrie Same Day Surgery Center, in Horseheads.

Having identified the need for more specialty and outpatient resources in the Southern Tier, Guthrie is also constructing two large medical office buildings, the East Corning Medical Office Building, adjacent to Guthrie Corning Hospital, and another office 12 miles away in Big Flats.

Jack and Susie are proud to give financial support to projects like these that help Guthrie improve the lives of so many people throughout the region.

“That commitment to this area and the long-term vision Guthrie has for the Corning community is what Susie and I are most proud of,” Jack says. “That’s what keeps us interested in supporting Guthrie.”

Always Growing

According to Jack, much of Guthrie’s success is thanks to its leadership, which is focused on its growth and understands that a health system, like any business, has to continually reinvest in itself in order to grow.

“Guthrie is certainly committed to reinvesting in itself and I think that’s something that people don’t really understand. They see projects here and there, but they don’t understand what the total vision is and the impact that it has on the communities in which Guthrie is located,” Jack says. “It’s a huge impact.”

Donors can feel confident, he says, that when they give to Guthrie, their donations are making a difference.

“All the initiatives that Guthrie is involved in across the health system give donors the satisfaction of seeing major improvements,” Jack says. “Donors want to see that their gifts are making a big impact, and I think Guthrie does a good job of that.”