Panda Liberty Helps Power Guthrie

Panda Liberty Helps Power Guthrie

Panda Liberty’s employees all have unique interests, lifestyles, and goals, as well as unique health care needs, “so having a health system like Guthrie that can help people face so many different health care situations is really important,” says Jack Monahon.

Jack is the General Manager of Panda Liberty, a natural gas-fueled power plant located in Bradford County. Open since 2016, the plant generates enough electricity to power up to 1 million homes a year.

But Panda Liberty doesn’t stop at powering the region. It also powers the health and well-being of the community by donating to Guthrie. The plant has served as a corporate sponsor for important fundraising events like last year’s Guthrie Sayre Turkey Trot and the Guthrie Gala, as well as the upcoming Guthrie Corning Hospital Valentine’s Ball.

Having access to Guthrie is an important part of keeping our people healthy and safe.

Jack Monahon

General Manager, Panda Liberty


Jack says the company appreciates that its employees and their families can turn to Guthrie for high-quality, convenient health care. He sees supporting Guthrie as a way to ensure that care remains available, now and for years to come.

“It’s important to help Guthrie provide the best possible care to our employees, their families, and the entire community,” Jack says.

Supporting Work That Is ‘So Necessary’

The average patient or community member isn’t necessarily aware of all of the ways Guthrie helps its neighbors. Prior to Panda Liberty becoming a Guthrie supporter, Jack hadn’t heard of the Sayre House of Hope, which is the recipient of funds raised by the Guthrie Gala. The Sayre House of Hope is a non-profit residential facility that provides a temporary home away from home for patients and their families traveling to get treatment in Sayre. The 2019 Guthrie Gala raised more than $120,000 for the facility.

Learning about the Sayre House of Hope gave Jack a new appreciation of the role Guthrie plays in the community and inspired him to get more involved.

“Being a rural community, I think it is great that we have the Sayre House of Hope available to people so they can get the care they need,” he says. “It’s so necessary.”

Jack encourages other businesses to support Guthrie too. For one thing, he says, it’s given him the opportunity to make connections with health care providers, members of Guthrie’s leadership team, and local business leaders.

“It was great to be able to meet so many people from Guthrie that you don’t necessarily meet when you go there for an appointment,” he says. “To get to talk to those people and hear their perspectives is great.”

He also sees it as an opportunity to help his community and his employees, some of whom not only get care at Guthrie, but have family members who work at Guthrie.

“If you support Guthrie, that support is going to help Guthrie be able to take even better care of your employees and their families,” he says, adding, “I think employees take pride in the fact that their company is willing to donate to community-oriented organizations like Guthrie.”

Interested in sponsoring this year’s Valentine’s Ball, to be held on February 15, or other Guthrie events? Contact Guthrie Resource Development at 570-887-4420 or