Leave a Legacy of Health

Leave a Legacy of Health

When Emily Guthrie, widow of Guthrie founder Dr. Donald Guthrie, died in 1976, she left her fortune to the Robert Packer Hospital and the Donald Guthrie Foundation for Medical Research. It was a transformational gift that helped turn Guthrie into the major health system it is today. Through planned giving, you too have the opportunity to transform your health system and your community. Make your planned gift to Guthrie and claim your spot in The Emily Guthrie Legacy Society, among fellow donors who have also made the choice to leave a legacy of health.

We are grateful for your support. As a non-profit health system, Guthrie relies on your generous annual gifts to help us improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve today. But what about tomorrow? When you support Guthrie using planned giving – donations you make through your financial and estate plans – you make an investment in the future and create a legacy that will live on long after you are gone.

It’s possible to make some planned gifts without even writing a will or other complicated document. By making a simple change, you can use these assets to make a difference in your community:

  • Life Insurance and IRAs. Complete a beneficiary designation form, designating Guthrie as a beneficiary for your life insurance policy or IRA. Many account administrators now make these forms available online.
  • Investment, Checking, and Retirement Accounts. List Guthrie as a “payable on death” beneficiary on a form provided by your account administrator.

Other gifts require a little more paperwork (but the impact you can make with them is worth it):

  • Bequests. You can leave a gift in your will to ensure that your support for Guthrie’s work goes on.
  • Annuities and Trusts. In addition to your annual gifts, you can make a single gift to fund a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust and receive lifetime fixed payments and tax savings. Or make a single gift to fund a charitable lead trust, which provides tax savings to you and donations to Guthrie for a period of time you determine.
  • Real Estate. Donate your property to Guthrie. You can continue to live in your home while receiving tax benefits.

How We Can Help

Anyone who has property and a family should have an estate plan. Charitable gifts can be an important part of that plan, but we understand that it can be difficult to figure out how to give in a way that supports you financially, provides for your heirs, and helps the causes you’re passionate about. That is why we are proud to offer free resources to help you.

Our Wills Planner and free Wills Guide can help you create or update an estate plan. Enjoy easy-to-understand videos that walk you through each step of the estate planning process, including finding a qualified estate planning attorney who can help you take your wishes and turn them into a legal document.

You can also explore your giving options, read donor stories and learn about The Emily Guthrie Legacy Society, which celebrates donors who choose to make life better for future generations by including Guthrie in their planned giving.

With all of these tools at your disposal, the giving possibilities are endless. So are the benefits. Add planned giving to your annual giving to reap tax benefits while ensuring the community you love will continue to be well cared for – well into the future.

To access these tools and learn more about planned giving opportunities, visit guthrielegacy.org. If you have questions for us, please contact Tricia Huston at 570-887-4420 or Resource_Development@guthrie.org.