Inspired by Decades of Exceptional, Compassionate Care

Inspired by Decades of Exceptional, Compassionate Care

Six years ago, Chuck Carver was driving when he began experiencing classic signs of a heart attack. He called his wife, Michele, who worked at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, and said he would drive to the hospital and to meet him in the emergency room. When he got there, it was determined he was experiencing unstable angina. Rushed to the catheterization lab, he had a fleeting thought about having a stroke and began to panic. Cardiologist Dr. Daniel Sporn leaned over him and said, “You need to relax. You’ve given me good radio for more than 36 years, and I will give you great cardiac care.”

“That put me immediately at ease,” says Carver, owner and longtime on-air personality of Choice102 and a 42-year resident of Sayre. “I knew him from the community and think of him as much more than a friend now. That personalized way of providing care is really exemplified by all the doctors I’ve met at Guthrie.” The Carvers have always had close ties with Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, which they can see from their front porch. Michele worked there for more than 36 years as a lab technician. Their two sons were born there and received care from Guthrie pediatricians. Chuck is managing type 2 diabetes with the help of Guthrie endocrinology. In recent years, Michele has relied on Guthrie for two joint replacements and quadriceps tendon surgery. “After each replacement, she came home with zero pain, walking stairs and doing very well,” says Carver. Shortly after retiring, Michele was diagnosed with breast cancer, so they turned to Guthrie for cancer care. “I can’t even describe the high level of care she received from her oncologist and surgeon and the confidence they gave us in her recovery,” says Carver. “We knew from the start she was in great hands.”

Health Care at the Heart of the Community

When talking with others in the community, Carver says the conversation always seems to turn to Guthrie. “This is a small town, and to have 270 specialty physicians right here is nothing short of amazing,” he says. “The medical center is the lifeblood of our community. My family and most people I know have never had a bad outcome, which either means we’re blessed, or lucky, or they’re consistently that good!” Guthrie’s physicians are part of the community, he says. They know their patients and care about

their lives and families. And while they’re often world-class physicians and renowned researchers and authors, the community can also rely on them for common-sense medical advice. Carver believes Guthrie deserves every community member’s support. “If there were no Guthrie, the wealth, health, and quality of life of our community would suffer,” he says. “We’ve always been treated with respect at Guthrie and highly respect everyone there.”