Helping the Nurses That Help Our Community

Helping the Nurses That Help Our Community

“I loved being a part of the Guthrie system. The relationships between members of the health care team were very important. Nurses and doctors were always willing and able to help you learn. There were constantly new ways to approach challenges and you felt like you were part of a group that put patients first. – JeanMarie Warpus

When she was 4 years old, JeanMarie (Linderman) Warpus’ doctor, Guthrie Health System founder Donald Guthrie, MD, asked her what she was going to be when she grew up. She responded, “a nurse at your hospital.”

And that’s exactly what happened. JeanMarie graduated from the former Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital School of Nursing in 1962 and worked as an orthopedic nurse at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital for two years afterward.

She was named the national Orthopedic Nurse of the Year in 1979 and had a long, distinguished, and varied nursing career that included teaching and working as a visiting nurse, before retiring about five years ago, at age 73.

JeanMarie’s family, the Lindermans and the McGlenns, have roots in Bradford County that go back centuries. To honor those roots, JeanMarie wanted to do something to give back to the area, and to Guthrie, a health system she says has given so much to her and her family. As trustee of the Linderman-McGlenn Family Trust, created by her uncle and aunt, Montague and Amelia Linderman, she created the Robert Packer Hospital Department of Nursing – Linderman-McGlenn Scholarship Fund. Starting in 2014, this fund has provided scholarships to Guthrie nurses looking to further their education. Past recipients have testified to the importance of the scholarship in helping them further their education and provide quality care to the community. That the family trust is making life better, and people healthier, in Bradford County in this way is something her aunt and uncle would be proud of, JeanMarie says.

“Giving back to Guthrie connects my family to their roots in Bradford County and allows me to give thanks for the career I had plus the medical and surgical care I have received,” says JeanMarie, who lives in Scranton, Pa., but comes back to Sayre frequently, including to receive care at Guthrie.

Scholarship recipients must be actively pursuing an advanced degree in the nursing profession and are chosen based on a number of factors, including work ethic, skills, and leadership.

“I am thrilled to meet the qualifying candidates and love to watch their facial expression when their names are announced,” JeanMarie says.

JeanMarie has seen the way things work at many other health systems over her career, and she remains impressed by Guthrie.

“One very strong quality at Guthrie is the communication between doctors and between departments. Patients may come to the system for one concern but then they are easily referred as other needs must be addressed,” she says. “I am thankful to Guthrie, not only for my training but for all the care that I’ve had and the care that my husband has had.”

During her career, JeanMarie took part in international nursing programs in places as far-flung as South America and Africa. While attending a seminar in Russia, she learned that doctors there were using a Guthrie publication as a training resource.

“Guthrie is very well-known. You find people who know about Guthrie everywhere,” she says, adding, “I would like Guthrie to be regarded as a medical and surgical center that not only provides the best nursing care but care that is done by well-trained, compassionate, and professional nurses. I hope that these scholarships will enable nurses to expand their career, open new doors of special training, and encourage others to set up trusts similar to what we have done.”