Harnessing the Power of Good

Harnessing the Power of Good

In 2017, Guthrie received generous contributions from two local electric services companies, FirstEnergy Foundation, funded by FirstEnergy Corp., and Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative.  Like Guthrie, they are strongly committed to improving lives in the communities they serve.

What inspired these companies to support Guthrie? Both say Guthrie’s continued viability as a leading health care provider in the region is a priority for their companies’ customers and employees.

“Quality health care is a vital part of any rural community as it allows people to live their best lives right where they are,” says Jody Place, External Affairs Manager at FirstEnergy. “What benefits the community also benefits its corporate citizens and their employees, so FirstEnergy has a vested interest in making sure quality health care and services remain available both in communities where we have company operations and in communities where our people live and work.”

Bobbi Kilmer, President & CEO of Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative, says both Claverack and Guthrie are committed to serving their communities and promoting a better quality of life.

“People wouldn’t stay here if they didn’t have access to the level of care Guthrie provides,” she says.

Building strong, healthy communities together 

Place says communities and their institutions are stronger when they work together for the common good.

“This is why we were so pleased to be able to support Guthrie,” she explains. “At FirstEnergy, we’re always working to keep the lights on. Whether an electrical circuit serves three city blocks or 20 miles of lonely road through the mountains, our dedication to reliable service remains the same. Of course, it takes more time and resources to provide service to the most remote areas, and Guthrie understand that this is true of health care as well. Both Guthrie and FirstEnergy strive to provide comprehensive service to all who need it, regardless of how rough the road is to get there.”

Kilmer says Claverack leaders were compelled by the Emergency Department and Cardiovascular Center renovations and other projects.

“These projects will touch so many people in our area,” she says. “We want to ensure our customers, employees, and their families continue to have access to high-quality healthcare. Guthrie services like occupational medicine are also very helpful to employers in the region.”

Both companies realize the importance of making their communities as safe and attractive as possible so that employees and other residents want to live there.

“Our businesses depend on that, and it’s essential we band together to support institutions like Guthrie that are so important to this region,” adds Kilmer.