Delivering Personalized, Long-Term Care

Delivering Personalized, Long-Term Care

“Guthrie has a great track record of providing high-level care when we need it,” says Ron Dougherty, Guthrie Trustee. “They’ve always been there for me and my family, and I’m proud to be an ambassador for the health system.”

Like many people in the community, Ron and Brenda Dougherty have been getting care at Guthrie for a long time – in their case, well over 60 years. When Ron was diagnosed with cancer, he received treatment at Guthrie, and he’s been a Cardiology patient for several years now as well. Although the Doughertys’ extended family looks to Guthrie for major medical solutions, they consider the Health System their health and wellness partner for primary and preventive care too. So, when Ron was asked to join the Guthrie Board of Trustees, he saw his chance to give back.

Keeping Up with Advances in Care

According to Ron, one of the most impressive things about Guthrie has been the dedication to keeping up with the latest technology and treatments throughout the years.

“Particularly in areas like Cardiology, Oncology, and Orthopedics, we’ve seen Guthrie continually expand its services over the years to provide the best possible care and treat more people in the community closer to home,” says Ron. “There are many procedures that we might have had to travel for 30 or 40 years ago that now we can get right at Guthrie. They’ve developed relationships with national centers of excellence such as Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic for even greater access to expert opinions, and the new Medical Center and Emergency Department expansions are going to be really important for our community as well.”

Another thing that makes Guthrie stand out, says Ron, is the personal relationships that patients develop with their doctors, nurses, and support personnel, many of whom have been at Guthrie for a long time.

“The long-term relationships that people build with their primary care doctors and specialists can easily go back 5 or 10 years, or sometimes a lot longer,” says Ron. “It’s one of the great things about living in a community like this one. You can really get to know your doctors, and your doctors get to know you well, and that leads to better, more personalized care.”