Banking on a Healthy Community

Banking on a Healthy Community

C&N knows that a community’s physical health and its financial health are intertwined.

The local community bank, which has offices in 10 counties in Pennsylvania and New York, is passionate about giving back to its community and sees Guthrie as a logical partner in those efforts. After all, both organizations are focused on working to improve their neighbors’ lives.

“We’re very committed to our community, as is Guthrie,” says Stacey Sickler, C&N Mortgage Lending Team Leader. “We like to be involved with other organizations that see the importance of giving back to the community, because the community members are what make us successful,” Stacey says.

C&N has been supporting Guthrie since 2003, donating thousands of dollars during that time period. The bank is a frequent sponsor of the annual Guthrie Gala and has also supported other fundraisers for the gala’s beneficiary, the Sayre House of Hope. This non-profit residential facility provides a temporary home away from home for patients and their families traveling to get treatment in Sayre. The 2019 Guthrie Gala raised more than $120,000 for the facility.

“The galas are always very well done,” Stacey says. “It’s a fun opportunity to get dressed up and interact with people that you don’t typically see in a social setting.”

In addition, many employees and their families participate in and help raise money for the annual Guthrie Sayre Turkey Trot, which takes place every Thanksgiving. Last year’s event featured over 900 runners and raised $17,000 to benefit Guthrie’s Cancer Care Fund, which assists patients with the financial burdens that come with a cancer diagnosis. Stacey has attended the Turkey Trot as both a runner and a spectator.

“Being there for that event is a great feeling,” Stacey says. “They get hundreds and hundreds of participants, which for a town as small as ours is wonderful. It becomes a family tradition for people whose families come from outside the area, and people from kids in strollers to the elderly participate. People bring their pets with them. It’s a really great, well-attended event that both young and old enjoy.”

In addition to direct financial support, the bank has also provided free financial wellness resources to Guthrie employees in order to help them increase their financial knowledge and better plan for their financial futures.

Working Together for a Healthy, Financially Strong Community

Businesses are more likely to thrive in communities in which the people they serve are healthy, happy, and financially secure, and C&N recognizes that supporting Guthrie helps their customers achieve that.

“Having a health care system of that size in a community this small gives us the ability to have top-quality care very close to home, and that’s important,” Stacey says.

The bank’s leaders also recognize that, as the area’s largest employer, Guthrie provides huge economic benefits to thousands of people, including many of the bank’s customers.

“Guthrie’s presence here is a huge asset to our area,” Stacey says, adding, “for C&N it’s just a great partnership. “Guthrie’s patients and employees are often our clientele, so it creates good networking opportunities and it’s good to be able to support fundraising efforts that contribute to the greater good of the area.”