A Health System Led By Doctors

A Health System Led By Doctors

March 30 is National Doctors’ Day, a day created to recognize physicians for the hard work they do to heal patients and create healthier communities. National Doctors’ Day has been officially recognized as a U.S. holiday for about 25 years – but as a physician-led health system, Guthrie has recognized our talented physicians for much longer than that. We strive to provide our doctors with the best facilities, technology, work environment, and work/life balance. Join us in celebrating doctors today and everyday.

Patients turn to Guthrie’s more than 300 physicians for help with a wide variety of issues. These range from primary care, complex specialty care, behavioral health services, and surgical services, to inpatient care, palliative care, and hospice care. We believe that in order to get the best doctors on our team, we have to provide them with the best opportunities – inside and outside of work.

Throughout our history, Guthrie has placed great emphasis on giving health care providers opportunities to learn, grow, and become even better at what they do.

Our doctors tell us Guthrie does that, and then some. They say they chose Guthrie…

“…for the location” and “…for the quality of life.” When Joseph A. Scopelliti, MD, now the President and CEO of Guthrie, bought his first home in the area, he was inundated with pies delivered from friendly neighbors to welcome him. An avid woodworker, he received discounts from his local lumberyard just for being a doctor.

“That’s something you just don’t see in most of America today,” Dr. Scopelliti says.

But these types of experiences are common in our communities. At Guthrie, we encourage employees to enjoy the area’s scenic beauty and the welcoming embrace of its communities and many doctors.

“…for the dedication to excellence.” Guthrie physicians are passionate about getting the best possible results for their patients. To help them do that, we are providing access to advanced technology and investing in upgraded facilities. It is hard to find a more innovative rural healthcare organization than Guthrie.

“Guthrie helps me practice medicine better,” says David Pfisterer, MD, a family medicine physician who has been at Guthrie for nearly two decades.

“…for the opportunities.” Throughout our history, Guthrie has placed great emphasis on giving health care providers opportunities to learn, grow, and become even better at what they do. Our Continuing Professional Development program provides high-quality, evidence-based educational opportunities that advance the knowledge, skills, and performance of our medical professionals. Our Continuing Medical Education Office offers diverse, multifaceted educational activities.

“…for the work environment” and “…for the team.” Guthrie’s physician-led, patient-centered model of care put in place by our founder, Donald Guthrie, MD, encourages doctors to work together, resulting in better care for our patients and less stress for our doctors.

“I think it’s a model with minimal politics,” Dr. Pfisterer says. “If physicians want a voice, they have the opportunity.”

And many Guthrie physicians find the warm, collaborative work environment at Guthrie to be a breath of fresh air compared to the competitive environments of other health systems.

“It’s not a place where there are big, clashing egos,” Dr. Scopelliti says. “People believe in helping each other out – professionally, clinically, personally, socially – and that has fostered a great many friendships and a wonderful place to work.”

In honor of National Doctors’ Day, remember that when you donate to Guthrie, you help make it a health system that world-class physicians want to be a part of. And by doing that, you help give the gift of better health to everyone in our community.