Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities provide the opportunity for your gift to Guthrie to have an enduring legacy. To discuss a naming opportunities, please contact Guthrie Resource Development at 570-887-4420 or email to

Naming & Recognition OpportunitiesGift LevelNumberStatus
[INSERT NAME] Outpatient Specialty Care Center $500,0001
Hospital-Connection Walkway$250,0001
Entrance Vestibule$100,0001Reserved
Patient Registration Area$75,0001
First-Floor Patient Lounge$50,0001Reserved
Second-Floor Patient Lounge$50,0001
Consultation Rooms$20,00051 Reserved
Clinician Collaboration Zones$20,0006
Shared Physician Offices$10,0006
X-ray Suites$25,0002Reserved
Imaging Patient Lounge$30,0001
Large Conference Room$35,000
Staff Lounges$30,0002
Large Exam Rooms$15,000111 Reserved
Exam Rooms$10,000307 Reserved