Naming Opportunities

To confirm a specific area is still available for a naming opportunity, please reach out to Debbie Nadolski in the Foundation office. She can be reached directly by email at: or by phone at: 607-756-3758

Common Areas:
Overall Building/Center Naming 1Reserved
Patient/Family Navigation Area (Lobby/Waiting Area) 1Reserved
Central Check-In Area 1Reserved
Vestibule 1Reserved
Radiation Oncology:
Linear Accelerator Center 1Reserved
Control Room/Mold & Block $ 15,000 1
Dressing Room/s 2Reserved
Shared Clinical Areas:
Exam/Procedure Room 1Reserved
Interview/Family Meeting Room 1Reserved
Exam Room/s $ 15,000 62 Reserved
Phlebotomy Room/s 2Reserved
Provider #4 Room $ 15,0001
Physicist/Dosimetry Office 1Reserved
Team Staff Workroom $ 15,0001
Clean Supply Room (Sterile Processing Room) $ 15,0001
Infusion Suite:
Medical Oncology Suite (Entrance to suite) $ 100,0001
Medical Oncology Suite (Entrance to suite) $ 25,0001
Private Infusion Room 1 (with negative pressure) $ 25,000 1
Infusion Therapy Station/s $ 10,00094 Reserved
Nurses Station 1Reserved
Pharmacy $ 15,0001Temp. Reserved
Staff Only Areas:
Provider Office/s$ 15,0003
Nurse Manager Office $ 15,0001
Staff Lounge (Breakroom) $ 15,0001