In this era of constant change, where investments in new programs and services, new and enhanced facilities, state-of-the-art technology and staff education are all limited by reimbursement changes and budget challenges, philanthropy offers an important lifeline for Guthrie. Giving can and does make a difference.

Guthrie is seeking philanthropic partners who can help us transform our organization and our community. Our goal is to support this effort through multi-year pledges, bequests and other planned gift commitments.

These philanthropic investments will greatly enhance our ability to care for the health care needs of our community, provide innovative treatment options for our patients, fund important education   opportunities for our staff and inspire our caregivers, patients and families with the realization that the best health care services are available in the Twin Tiers region.

Ways to Give

The following types of gifts are welcomed as part of the Forward Together campaign.

  • Multi-Year Pledges:

    Pledges of up to three years can be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually by check, credit card or appreciated securities.

  • Cash gifts:

    Outright cash gifts are the simplest form of gift to make. Cash gifts frequently are made to meet areas of immediate need, or to memorialize or honor an individual.

  • Securities:

    There are distinct tax advantages to considering gifts of appreciated securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. In many cases, the donor incurs no capital gains tax on appreciated securities given for charitable purposes. For information on transferring securities please contact Guthrie Resource Development.

  • Planned Gifts:

    Guthrie can accept bequests, living trusts, IRAs, real estate, insurance and other types of planned gifts as part of a donor’s estate and charitable planning. Donors making planned gifts will be recognized in the Guthrie Planned Giving Society and may also qualify for project-specific recognition opportunities. Please contact Guthrie Resource Development for more information on how to make a planned gift.

  • Corporate Gifts:

    Gifts from companies and businesses are appreciated and encouraged, and will be recognized along with all individual campaign donors.

  • Matching Gifts:

    Donors are urged to obtain their employer’s matching gift forms and leverage their own gifts. Matching gifts can be combined with personal gifts for naming/recognition purposes.

    Guthrie Resource Development welcomes conversations on ways to support the campaign.

    Guthrie does not provide legal, tax or financial advice and this information is not intended as such. For any of these gifts, we encourage you to consult your own legal and financial advisors.

    To discuss a gift Forward Together: A Campaign to Transform our Healthcare please contact Guthrie Resource Development.

    Guthrie Resource Development
    One Guthrie Square
    Sayre, PA 18840
    Phone: (570) 887-4420